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Uplift DAO Teams Up With MoonPay To Simplify Investing In Web3 Projects

Cross-chain crypto launchpad Uplift DAO offering funding for innovative initiatives via crowdsourcing has announced an integration with MoonPay, the leading web3 infrastructure company. With this collaboration, customers will have an easier time putting money into innovative web3 projects using more conventional payment methods.

Through their collaboration, Uplift and MoonPay are removing a significant obstacle for potential investors in the web3 industry. Although both web3 and cryptocurrencies have matured, newcomers may find it difficult to get started with either. Considering issues like high entrance hurdles and simplicity of usage, many retail and institutional investors opt out of Web3 entirely in favor of projects that employ conventional currency or more accessible payment mechanisms.

Through MoonPay, Uplift is redefining the way people invest in cryptocurrencies and Web3 projects by making it easy for anybody to purchase and sell digital currency using traditional fiat payment methods. Investors benefit from MoonPay’s streamlined and straightforward payment system. MoonPay supports all major payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, local bank transfers, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, and it also converts between fiat, crypto, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Through this collaboration, Uplift paves the way for users to easily invest in dozens of promising early-stage IDO initiatives on its launchpad, as well as acquire and stake more than 100 different virtual assets on the platform itself. Further reducing the bar to entry into the realm of web3 early investment, individuals may become engaged with Uplift’s initiatives with as little as $100.

Oliver Jeffcott, senior business development manager at MoonPay stated:

“Our industry needs capital to continue to evolve. Our partnership with Uplift will make it even simpler for people to get involved in financing projects they believe in and reap the benefits of the growth of web3.”

Irina Berezina, Growth Lead at Uplift said:

“At Uplift DAO one of our core missions is to lower the barrier of entry to Web3 investment opportunities, whilst simultaneously raising the standard of usability for our users. By integrating MoonPay onto our platform, this is a key step towards web3 scalability not only for us as an IDO launchpad but for the future of web3 investing.”

Uplift’s innovative Price Protection Promise is the result of the company’s collaboration with the best due diligence professionals in the business, who help guarantee that every project Uplift invests in is not only of the greatest quality but also has a great chance of success. Uplift’s Price Protection Guarantee is based on its Key Performance Indicator Protected Funding system, which tracks a variety of metrics specific to each project. Investors will be offered a refund if the project does not reach the predetermined goals.

The goal of Uplift’s Price Protection Promise is to build trust between its initiatives and the communities that utilize them by shielding consumers from uncertainty and ensuring that their investments are secure.



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