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Unstoppable Domains NFT Platform Raises Overall Funding Valuation of $1B

  • Unstoppable Domains raises fundings of $65 million in series A fundings. 
  • So far has registered more than 2.5 million NFT token domains.
  • Fundings to be used for new innovative Web3 attributes and applications.

The Unstoppable Domains has so far been the most prominent Non Fungible Token (NFT) token domain registering platform ever since 2018. In such etrms, the platform has so far till date 2.5 million registered NFT domains. 

In addition to all this, the platform is expected to surpass 3 million registrations within the last quarter of 2022. In spite of taking the platform to higher levels, a series A funding took place on 27, July, 2022. 

Upon this series A fundings, so far $65 million has been raised, at the end of the funding. Furthermore, this closes around a maximum of $1 Billion as overall fundings. Majority of the investors are the usual prominent funding investors like Pantera Capital, Polygon, CoinDCX, Rainfall Capital, CoinGecko, Web3 Syndicate, and much more. 

In spite of all the fundings, Unstoppable Domains plans to utilize these funds for the further development upon the Web3 attributes, and applications. Apart from this, it will be also used to merge in partnership with many leading Web3 firms.

Further Strategy of Unstoppable Domains

For the past five years in the market, the Unstoppable Domains has so far had quite an exponential growth. Owing to its increasing registrations and users of more than 2.5 million, the firm plans to integrate with more Web3 attributes and firms as possible. 

In such terms, Unstoppable Domains has partnered with more than 150 Web3 attributes, along with 80 plus wallets, and exchanges too.  With such many successful partnerships, the platform has so far managed to bring a profit of $80 million including the sales, taking into account the past three years alone. 

Moreover, the CEO of Unstoppable Domains, Mathew Gould states that with the growing digital era, people should integrate their identity upon the digital platforms. Also, the CEO expresses that their team is highly delighted with partnering with such financial giants like Pantera Capital, and much more. He insists that he is so proud in bringing more people into the future based Web3 attributes, and applications.



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