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Turkey’s Ankara University Introduces NFT Course

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Since the adoption of cryptocurrencies is growing exponentially, several users intend to learn and understand the concept of the crypto industry. As many are interested in this sector, many newbies are entering the crypto space. To educate the early traders of cryptocurrencies, Turkey has integrated the idea of teaching and paved a better way into the crypto world. 

Significantly, the Turkey Blockchain education network has already kicked off its course to universities in 2020. Following that the Turkish university Ankara has now officially introduced an NFT course. Turkish officials are giving importance to educating early traders about the crypto industry. Since the beginning of the crypto world, there’ve been many new features and development of sectors like DeFi, Non-Fungible Tokens, Play-To-Earn, and the metaverse. Moreover, the hype of cryptocurrencies is never-ending and the trend changes as per the entry of new features. 

First NFT Course

In 2021, the NFT sales just exploded within the first six months of the year reaching $2.5 billion. Beginning with the NFT artwork “Beeple”, which was sold for $69 million to many potential digital artworks. Having unique forms of images, videos, gaming characters, and animation has been the trend of last year. Several young artists and creators were identified through the bloom of NFTs. 

As many countries are adopting cryptocurrencies, the popularity of this industry is surging at a rapid pace. Additionally, El Salvador has already taken Bitcoin as its legal tender. Similarly, as a part of adoption, Turkey officially offers crypto-related courses to its people. Thus, the Ankara University in Turkey officially announces the offering of an NFT course. Consequently, Ankara university is Turkey’s first higher education institution to provide a cryptocurrency course. 

However, this step was taken following the Turkish President’s command for the Justice and Development Party to look for developments in cryptocurrencies. Though many countries are taking steps for the adoption of the crypto sector, only a few have accomplished. As the crypto trend enhances, the implementation and integration of new ideas related to crypto will be growing.



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