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Top French Fashion House Introduces NFT Membership on XRP Ledger

  • A total of 10,000 Balmain NFT memberships will be available.
  • Their holders will be able to access real and virtual fashion house events.

Balmain, the luxury fashion house, has launched a Web3 hub with an NFT membership programme. Members would have access to exclusive events, designs, and experiences through the hub, which was created in collaboration with MINTNFT, an NFT studio and marketplace hosted on the XRP Ledger.

MINTNFT created the membership program known as The Balmain Thread on the XRP Ledger. According to the press release, it was critical that the platform for developing the NFT be carbon neutral and environmentally friendly, which XRPL’s capabilities were perfectly suited for. This was certainly important for Balmain, given the latest fashion trends that emphasize sustainability, environmental, social, and corporate responsibility.

There will be a total of 10,000 Balmain NFT memberships available. Their holders will have access to the fashion house’s real and virtual events. MINTNFT and Balmain’s global collaboration was first announced in May 2022. 

James Sun, CEO and Co-founder of MINTNFT stated :

We believe Web3 will drive a new wave in engagement, enabling companies to unlock access and provide richer experiences for their communities like never before,” said James Sun, CEO and Co-founder of MINTNFT.

The Fashion World in to Web3 Technology

In recent months, a slew of other luxury brands, including Gucci and Tag Heuer, have announced that they will begin accepting cryptocurrencies as payment for their products. At Milan Fashion Week, well-known fashion designer John Richmond co-launched a virtual asset-themed collection inspired by the super-hyped cryptocurrency Shiba Inu.  

Shiba Inu has previously interacted with the fashion world. It occurred as a result of the adoption of cryptocurrencies by brands and venues such as Gucci, Tag Heuer, and Farfetch, which allowed customers to pay with SHIB.

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