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The Best 3 Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Australia

  • The Best 3 Cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia.
  • eToro, Bybit and Binance are in the top list. 
  • These trading platforms are the 3 Cheap Bitcoin Exchanges in Australia. 

As cryptocurrency is massively rising in Australia, there are many new exchanges emerging in the market. Further, to begin or continue the journey into crypto investing and trading, here are the best cryptocurrency exchanges ranking in the top 3 are listed below. 

Moreover, as a best trading platform, eToro, Bybit and Binance are into the top list among other crypto exchanges in Australia. In addition, these 3 exchanges account as Bitcoin’s cheap trading platforms in the Australian marketplace. Thus, Australian crypto enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the bullish rise of Bitcoin (BTC) to continue in 2022 as well. 

1. eToro Exchange

eToro is a popular Bitcoin trading platform, which ranks the first place in the top list. The exchange is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Also holds a legal Australian financial services license. 

In addition, eToro supports its users to trade more than 120 crypto tokens on a daily basis. Interestingly, eToro’s useful trading features are copy trading and social trading. Another significant feature is eToro’s money wallet which is the free crypto wallet. 

Additionally, eToro supports a wide range of deposit options in comparison to other crypto exchanges. Thereby benefiting users to earn rewards by staking popular currencies.

2. ByBit Exchange

As the second in the list, ByBit is ranked as the best crypto trading platform. It offers both spot and margin trading for crypto assets which is not accessible in eToro exchange. Moreover, Bybit holds a large user base due to its 0.025% maker rebate which does not depend on trading volume. 

In addition, Bybit attracts the users with its service of selling the crypto into cash without any fees. More so, Bybit as a stop loss option which helps to increase profits without losing any funds in the account. In regards to the free crypto trading, Bybit platform helps the users to make money increasing the maker rebate. 

3. Binance Exchange 

In popularity, in trading volume and as a most preferred crypto exchange, Binance is the leading and largest exchange in the marketplace. Australian users are trading on a large scale as the volume of trade is higher for Binance than Coinbase. 

Moreover, Binance lists the widest range of altcoins offering both spot and margin trading for all users. Thus, Binance holds more than 500 coins and DeFi tokens in its exchange. 

Similar to eToro, Binance also offers safe wallets to build a trust with its users connected worldwide. More so, Binance’s current wallet holds more than 10 million global users, named as a “Trust wallet” in its platform. 



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