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Sushi To Deploy Complete Product Suite on the Boba Network

Boba Network is the first multichain Layer-2 blockchain scaling solution and Hybrid Compute platform. Sushi, a leading supplier of DeFi solutions like Sushi Swap, has begun deploying its products on the Boba network.

Sushi will provide Boba with a whole suite of products. Legacy Swap (the first AMM before Trident) will be the first product released, followed swiftly by Kashi, Bento Box, and Furo.

To further boost liquidity and adoption, Boba and Sushi will be offering liquidity mining incentives for a full calendar year after deployment. As a result of the deployment, Boba will be able to provide more variety in its DEX product and attract more trading liquidity.

According to Alan Chiu, CEO of Enya, the network’s primary contributor:

“Sushi is one of DeFi’s OGs, so naturally we’re excited to welcome it to Boba. Both Boba and Sushi users will benefit from this integration, as the Boba community will get to use some of the most trusted DeFi products out there, while the Sushi ecosystem will tap into new liquidity, new users, new developers, & new communities.”

Sushi is a cutting-edge DEX that provides traders with a variety of features, including margin trading, limit orders, and yield prospects. Currently, the platform is housing over $900M in locked value across all deployments, with average weekly traffic of $350M.

Sarang Parikh, Lead Dev at Sushi said:

“We are excited to deploy our product suite to Boba, which allows us to serve an ever growing user base with all the dApps a DeFi user needs. We can’t wait to make Sushi scalable.”

Deploying on Boba will increase the value of SUSHI for holders thanks to the xSUSHI revenue sharing mechanism, which deposits protocol fees from swaps and borrowing as extra SUSHI tokens purchased from the market. Moreover, there is potential for existing liquidity providers to relocate to Boba in search of increased farming yields.



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