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ShareRing’s CEO Tim Bos Will Announce Roadmap During Livestream Event of the Year.

The CEO of ShareRing, Tim Bos, will conduct ShareRing’s Livestream event of the year, #SHRBUIDL, on YouTube on October 21, 2022, at 2 pm AEDT. The future of ShareRing with digital identity, Web3 and blockchain real-world utility.

Ahead of this Livestream, ShareRing has been teasing users about the new office location, constantly updating them on developments. During this session, Tim will take viewers through the new office in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, speak to some of the core dev team members, share ShareRing’s solutions and reveal what ShareRing Network has been doing as they plan to be a major player in Web3 using ShareLedger. 

There will be demo sneak peeks and a roadmap will be announced. Be prepared for insider information on ShareLedger, their Web3 journey with ShareLedger, and their upcoming B2B developments. ShareRing calls this the #SHRBUIDL Livestream of the year.

Users who join the Livestream stand to gain access to pre-Alpha developments and there’s over $1000 USD in value of prizes to be won. The prizes include: ShareRing branded merch pack, Seed phrase steel cards and 5x USD100 worth of staked $SHR, the native currency of the ShareRing Network.

To be eligible for these prizes, you should follow their Twitter and Instagram (@shareringofficial) accounts and count the number of times you see the full ShareRing logo during the Livestream. After that, you should comment on the tweets & posts titled: ‘Official Giveaway Post’ how many times the ShareRing logo appears during the Livestream and #SHRBUIDL. Check out their blog post and Twitter for more details, the full giveaway instruction, how to gain extra entries, and to RSVP.

ShareRing is building a decentralized identity ecosystem on their decentralized and secure blockchain, ShareLedger. To achieve its grand goals, ShareRing has released a series of solutions and products for its expanding user base. However, since ShareRing is a global product offering diverse solutions, having offices across various jurisdictions is necessary.

ShareLedger stands out because of its exceptional versatility, efficiency, and flexibility derived from its Tendermint core. Tendermint by Cosmos is used by many blockchains, including in the Binance ecosystem, and is known for its interoperability advantages. On October 12, the ShareRing Network announced the integration of CosmWasm into ShareLedger.

ShareLedger is a critical component of the ShareRing Network, anchoring its core products like the ShareRing Vault for trustlessly securing user information. ShareLedger can securely store sensitive and private user documents such as e-passports. 

Presently, the development team is working on upgrading the network to become permissible. The team also plans to showcase several pre-Alpha stage developments built using Identity Query Language (IQL), Web Login, and Soulbound Tokens. IQL is a web-based platform that permits easy integration into projects meaning developers can quickly and securely request user information, via the ShareRing Vault, upon scanning the QR code. At the same time, unique personal data, existing as NFTs, which can’t be transferred without user permission, will be processed using Soulbound Tokens. The Web Login, a browser plug-in, will ensure secure access once users scan their QR Code. 

ShareRing Network plans to release the Skinny ID, a major user interface enhancement of the ShareRing App and the ShareRing Vault. ShareRing releases this upgrade to their onboarding journey, which removes friction from their sign-up process, as a reflection of their company’s mission to enable frictionless access to goods and services



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