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Satoshi Solution States Crypto Winter Impacted Less on Hiring

  • Pullum also stated his belief that more progress in the crypto field will be made in the future.
  • According to the co-founder of Satoshi Solution, recruiting will increase in 2022.

As the crypto markets continue to plummet, the majority of crypto businesses announced layoffs earlier this year. And larger firms, like Coinbase, have also announced layoffs. During a down market, it appears that there are few possibilities in the blockchain space. And a crypto-focused Chief exec feels that is not the case.

Executive Perspectives on the Opportunities

Clayton Pullum, co-founder, and director of Satoshi solutions spoke to Cointelegraph at the recent Blockchain Summit in Dubai 2022 and discussed views about the current status of recruiting in the crypto field.

According to Pullum, the recruiting culture now is substantially different from the hiring scenario during the bull market. The prior bull runs, according to the executive, were characterized by firms “hiring like crazy” and paying developers salaries ranging from $500,000 to $700,000. However, the director of the recruitment business stated that this is no longer the case. He stated that based on their observations, recruiting managers have placed a greater priority on strategy.

According to him, the positions have expanded from developers to marketing professionals, analytics, compliance, and legal employees. He also added that the crypto industry still lags behind other industries, including traditional banking, in terms of internship opportunities and entry-level roles. In traditional banking, it is 44% of internship opportunities as compared to crypto 4%.

Pullum also stated his belief that there would be more advancements in the field in the future, requiring the need for more skill. Companies with strong services, according to Pullum, will be able to weather the crypto winter and achieve victory. 

Pullum stated that:

“We’ve seen all the firms that emerged from the 2017-2018 crypto winter, and I’m certain that we’ll see the same thing in 2022.”



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