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Prominent Exchanges Listed Radix’s (XRD) Token

  • Radix XRD token listed prominent crypto exchanges like Bitmart, and WhiteBIT.
  • The listing of XRD,  follows the launch of Babylon Alphanet.

Radix announced that its native cryptocurrency token XRD is listed on prominent crypto exchanges like Bitmart, WhiteBIT, and LBANK. And soon, the HitBTC and KuCoin exchange would list XRD. The XRD token is available for trading with major token pairs including, XRD/BTC and XRD/USDT, that are already active. 

Radix is a smart contract platform for DeFi-oriented assets. The listings are another significant turning point for Radix, the project that is working to power the future gen of decentralized applications which is using a fundamentally different strategy than the current DeFi.

Andy Jarrett, CEO of Radix Tokens Jersey, Limited said;

I’m thrilled to see how the project is accelerating, but I can’t say that I’m surprised. We spent the last 8 years building and refining a complete stack to support a $400 trillion economy, so it’s rewarding to see so many in the crypto community experience the Radix Revelation and join the movement.

Rapid Growth of Radix

The listing of XRD on major cryptocurrency exchanges follows the launch of Babylon Alphanet, the most recent significant step on the road to Babylon Mainnet when Scrypto-written smart contracts would be operational and in use.

The newly listed exchange partners anticipate a sharp increase in demand for XRD as Radix passes another significant breakpoint on the path to the Babylon mainnet, now that the Babylon Alphanet is live. Stage two of a staggered Babylon Alphanet is intended to get developers to engage with the new Babylon DeFi features.

Radix began in the midst of one of the worst cryptocurrency winters to date, but since then, the network has experienced a more than 7X surge in transaction volume, and the number of active wallets holding at least 2,000 XRD has increased by 52%. Additionally, compared to 11,600 at the beginning of the year, there are currently over 81,300 active wallets running on the network.



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