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Prominent Blockchain Platform Is to Launch a New Web3 Entertainment Project

  •  MetaSolare is launching a new entertainment Web3 project, in different fields.
  • With the new project, the platform is aiming to build a distributed entertainment ecosystem.

The blockchain-based entertainment platform, MetaSolare is now ready to provide a completely different experience to its users. According to the official reports, the firm is set to launch a new Web3 project, in the field of games, music, and animation with the partnership of Avex Technologies Inc and HashPort Group. MetaSolare aims to build a ‘distributed entertainment ecosystem’ with its upcoming projects.

Game Fi, Anime Fi and Music Fi

MetaSolare’s Game Fi project will provide a new experience for video gaming users. For creating the brand-new gaming experience, the platform has collaborated with a group of programmers who have experience creating some of the biggest video game franchises. The firm also provides an entirely new kind of animation experience with NFTs and tokens, allowing users to own a piece of their favorite anime in digital form. 

 Additionally, new forms of ownership and methods of supporting artists are made possible by NFTs and tokens, which are effective tools for bringing together artists and fans. The way music is created and stars are created will alter as a result of these new tools.

With support from DAOs and NFTs, MetaSolare will produce musical artists who are crypto-native. Holders of MetaSolare tokens and NFTs will have the chance to play a direct role in the future of the artists. For instance, token and NFT holders will assist in selecting new artists and talents and assisting them in preparing for their big debut, with live streams being held regularly to help showcase their progress.

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