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Poland’s Elon Musk and MetaHero Partners for ‘Real to Meta’ Scanner!

  • MetaHero partners with Polish Elon Musk, Mariusz Krol.
  • Real life to Metaverse, 3D scanners are out of their stables. 
  • Securities high as obviously, as the data are at stake.

The Metaverse is actually full of surprises and thrills, with the world indulging itself slowly into it. This ought to be the first generation to witness the Metaverse. And so, all the new technologies and profuse research and development are taking place profusely all over the world. 

Almost all the information technology-oriented firms have something with the Metaverse in their hands or coming up building something of the very same similar platforms.  

In spite of all this, the much acclaimed ‘Elon Musk of Poland’,  Mariusz Krol has now joined hands with the MetaHero to make up a revolution upon the Metaverse and their related technology.

Firstly, starting with one of the most prominent entrepreneurs of Poland and the CEO of MetaHero, Robert Gryn, weaves together how the 3D scanner got into the picture. As many now know, Robert Gryn was the former CEO and founder of Codewise, the golden digital marketing firm, which made Robert Gryn the youngest and richest person of Poland, as listed by Forbes magazine.

Despite the Codewise, performing like anything, the income was way more prominent and efficient. However, to the devil’s play, Gyrn changed his plans and left off Codewise deliberately. When questioned, he assures that he will be coming up with a new firm, and so the MetaHero, which ought to make a revolution upon the Metaverse platforms. 

Accordingly, now merging with Mariusz Krol, together they have devised a completely new 3D scanning technology for the Metaverse. This 3D scanner can scan any sort of objects, people, or whatever that are put upon it, and completely render an extremely high definition and absolute realistic 3D depiction of the particular thing or person scanned. 

In such terms, one could make himself into the Metaverse with just a scan. However, storing such a high database is extremely risky as there’s always a risk and threat based on privacy and theft of the data. Moreover, Robert Gryn assures them that they have already taken proper security measures and much more. 

Once launched, this ought to be the gateway into the Metaverse!



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