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NFT Mint Sales on Solana Have Hit an All-Time High

  • Solana NFTs surged to 39000 between September 4 and September 7.
  •  Even though NFTs are facing a bear market, SOL NFTs miners have reportedly hit 300,000.

Solana is currently among the top 10 most valuable cryptocurrencies. Following the NFT growth, SOL is currently in ninth place. And the Surging is currently being sensed by NFTs in SOL.

The number of SOL NFTs miners has reportedly hit 300,000. Even though non-fungible tokens are in a bear market, Solana-based NFT activity is thriving. And as of September 7, the NFTs created by Solana or created utilizing his blockchain have increased by 312,000, and they have consistently achieved highs of 39000 since September 4.

On September 6, the amount of Solana-based NFTs reached $11.5 million across all markets, the highest level since May. As a marketplace for SOL NFTs, Magic Eden was introduced in September. By September 7, its market share had grown from 12% to 36.6%.

There is a lot of activity in SOL’s NFT trading. For the larger market, this is positive. After a significant decline earlier in the year, popular NFT market volumes have not yet fully recovered.

Blooming Solana Ecosystem

The major projects, such as Bored Apes Yacht Club and Pudgy Penguins, were first minted on Ethereum, whereas SOL-based NFTs have historically only formed a small portion of the entire ecosystem for non-fungible collectibles and digital art.

 Chase Barker, head of the developer ecosystem at the SOL Foundation, on Twitter said :

“I remember once upon a time (last year), that ‘some people laughed at Solana NFTs”

The team behind the NFT collections DeGods and y00ts, Dust Labs, announced earlier this week that it had raised $7 million. likewise reported $9.6 million in secondary sales for its “y00ts mint t00b” line in September. Solana Ventures, Jump, and FTX are Dust Labs’ financiers.

Despite the sour market, the Solana ecosystem is still expanding and diving decently well.

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