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Nakamoto Games Expands with Parcels, Staking, and a Knockout Tournament

The Web3 gaming space is one of the fastest-growing areas in the blockchain space and the evidence for it is seen in the output of the most promising projects. A lot has been going on in the past two weeks at Nakamoto Games. The play-to-earn game development platform has continued its stride of new features, releases and events.

North America for Sale in the Metaverse

On February 17th, the platform released the inaugural map territory for the NAKAVERSE. This immersive virtual world is Nakamoto Game’s effort to develop a next generation metaverse environment where gamers and developers alike can experiment with all the possibilities that are available with the new technology. The space will support the generation of land parcels and valuable in-game items, starting with the release of its initial, limited supply locations in North American territory for $5,000 USDT.

The NAKA Strike Tournament

Community events are also an important part of what the Nakamoto Games ecosystem is all about. The platform announced a knockout championship for players of the popular first-person shooter NAKA Strike. A selection of the top 64 skilled gamers will be competing for a $10,000 USDT prize in a six-round tournament from March 16st to March 31st. The only requirement is that players have at least ten tournament tickets and five transactions within their connected Polygon Web3 wallet. The team has shared further details on how to participate and an updated schedule for the tournament, extending the registration deadline until March 15th.

$NAKA Staking

Nakamoto Games also introduced an important new feature for holders of the $NAKA token on March 1st. The platform’s native staking portal is now live. Here, long-term holders will be able to support all the exciting developments happening in the ecosystem while earning passive income at 15-25% APR for 30 to 90 day locks. To start benefiting from the portal users only have to connect their Polygon Web3 wallet and access the user-friendly interface.

Altogether, these developments continue to cement Nakamoto Games’ role as one of the premier ecosystems for blockchain games. It counts with a comprehensive offering of features and tools as well as an engaged community that is set to drive the earn-to-play space forward. 



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