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Mysterious ETH Whale Accumulated 133.53 Billion SHIB Coins in Just One Day

The Biggest ETH Whale purchased almost 133,533,637,671 (133.53B) SHIB thereby increasing its Shiba Inu holdings. The total worth of the SHIB coins is $1.60 million and was bought in just one day. As a smart act, the Whale scooped these huge Shiba Inu coins in three separate transactions. The recent report from revealed the clear data of the Whale’s activity. 

Further, the Shiba community is focusing on launching the Shibarium – Layer 2 solution. Due to this update, the price of SHIB coins are rising gradually. Thereby it is triggering the eagerness for all the users of how Shibarium will perform in the market. In addition, almost 3 trillion Shiba Inu is transacted from an anonymous wallet to the brand-new wallet. So the SHIB community is sharing that the new launch may be the reason for the bulk Shiba Inu move. 

Bulk Transactions of Shiba Inu

More so, performing almost three transactions to buy SHIB coins, the Whale purchased around 33.33B SHIB in the first transaction. This biggest Whale used the Coinbase wallet for this purchase, in the last 23 hours. Surprisingly, the Whale continued to purchase and did the second and third transactions using the Binance wallets. 

However, interacting with the Binance wallets, the Whale tagged the transaction name as “Binance 15” adding another 100.20B SHIB to its holdings which is worth $1.20 million. Additionally, the data of the third transaction is about 335.34B SHIB, worth $4.04 million in the last 1 hour. 

Moreover, as the Shibarium launch is near, the Shiba Inu team officially invited Shiba Inu’s entire community to join and welcome the new Shibarium network. Thereby requesting the community to follow the Shibarium Network’s Twitter page for upcoming updates. 

The lead developer of Shiba Inu team, Shytoshi Kusama is fully concentrating on the launch of Shibarium Layer 2 Solution. On the next step, the team is also working on the potential Beta launch as well. The users are awaiting for the new feature as the launch date is not revealed yet. 

According to CoinMarketCap, the current price of SHIB is $0.000012 with a slight slip of 4.85% in the last 24 hours. As the crypto market is fluctuating drastically, there may be differences in the price. But after the launch of Shibarium, the value of SHIB will surge in the marketplace.



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