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Metaverse Real Estate on Fire!

  • Metaverse dominates the year 2022.
  • Craze epicly on rise for acquiring virtual lands on Metaverse platforms . 
  • Virtual lands value on par with the real world real estates.

The crypto industry completely revolutionized the entire world with the passing of each year ever since it came into existence. In such terms, with the birth and evolution of blockchain technology, it completely changed the entire industry. The crypto industry along with the blockchain technology gave rise to numerous attributes all based upon them. 

Each year comes up with a new attribute, and each plays a significant role in establishing themselves. Among them, the Non Fungible Token (NFT), became a major hit over the past few years. In addition, many stated that NFT has high probabilities to come in par with the crypto industry. Apart from all this, the onset of the Metaverse has indeed now been sighted as the future.   

Metaverse is a 3-dimensional virtual platform that completely links the current world virtually on all possible aspects. Being a bridge between the real world and the virtual world, indeed it will be the future completely. Also, whatever is available upon the Metaverse, becomes an NFT overall. 

The Virtual Real Estate Hypes

Portraying oneself virtually either through different characters upon the user’s choice has been the trend upon all the Metaverse platforms. Now, radically the hype has shifted towards virtual real estate available upon the Metaverse platforms. 

In such terms, Samsung indeed opened up it’s first virtual store in Decentraland. Following this, Apple Inc, also started to indulge into owning lands and stores upon various Metaverse platforms. 

In spite of all this, there are about a handful of Metaverse platforms, upon which real estate is booming up like anything. These include, Decentraland (MANA), the Sandbox (SAND), Axie Infinity (AXS) and the Enjin (ENJ).

Just like the real world, land assets, the price on the Metaverse platforms functions the same way. Virtual lands next to main centers and stores and much more obviously cost more. The resale value upon these virtual lands is also high. And so many firms are investing to grab up as much as they could along with profuse investment into the Metaverse technology too. One such is Apple Inc, who has already started their investment upon the Metaverse technology, firmly believing in it.



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