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Messier.Art’s Custom-Built Marketplace Has Gone Live with Two Collections of Designer NFTs

Messier.Art, a cutting-edge NFT trading, staking, and collaboration hub for digital artists and collectors, went live on March 1, 2022. As part of the platform’s launch, two collections containing over 12,500 designer NFTs were also minted and put up for sale to the general public. These two collections are called Poppin Eels, which were minted as the platform’s primary NFT collection, and Poppin Puffins, which were minted as a secondary collection, and they have already garnered over 1,500 owners, all of whom enjoy commercial rights to their NFTs as well as membership in exclusive social groups.

Messier aims to fill the gap between the digital and physical art spaces by building a user- and artist-centric NFT platform that supports premium and optimized minting and trading services and comes with a seamless user experience, high-end functionalities, and an intuitive, easy-to-understand design. 

According to CEO Mr. Dylan, “We wanted to do things a little differently from the industry norm because building a home for artists around the globe is more than just building a platform. It’s thinking, feeling, and to some extent becoming the artist. To do that, we built and created our platform, fueled by passion, for the artists and collectors who want to thrive in the NFT space. We also made sure to include many new and innovative services and features not seen on other NFT marketplaces, such as subsidized trading via a native platform token, yield generation from NFTs, profit sharing via a community DAO, token airdrop programs, and passive earnings for our token holders via liquidity pools.”

The project is headed by a team of industry veterans in the art, media, blockchain, marketing, and operations industries. Some of the unique benefits provided by the platform include lower trading fees for trades that use the platform’s native $MSR token, validator rewards, deflationary tokenomics to stabilize supply and increase token value, yield-generating staking of NFTs, liquidity pools to provide passive income, and incentives for indie artists via raffles and automatic airdrops to user wallets.

You can join the ongoing sale of the Poppin Eels collection here and see the Poppin Puffins collection here.

About Messier.Art

Messier.Art has been built around the needs of the rapidly maturing NFT trading space and is excited about bringing an entirely new suite of features and functions to artists and collectors around the world. NFT marketplaces must stay attuned to the needs of their users, and Messier.Art is reimagining what is possible and what best-in-class services in the NFT space should look like over the months and years to come. With NFT staking, lower trading fees, artist profiles, token airdrops, and other user-focused benefits, the platform and its thriving online communities have a lot to celebrate – and much to look forward to – post-launch. Visit Messier.Art for more details and connect via Discord and Twitter.

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