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Lum Network Launches the First Crypto Index of Cosmos Ecosystem: DFract

A new DeFi (Decentralized Finance) solution for the Cosmos ecosystem: DFract $DFR, is being introduced by Lum Network, an innovative initiative looking to gain widespread acceptance in web3 and the Cosmos ecosystem.

DFract is a novel kind of crypto index created for multichain ecosystems. It gives users access to a collection of tokens that stand in for the Cosmos Ecosystem. Cosmos is a rapidly expanding blockchain ecosystem with over 250 built-in applications and +$61 billion in assets (1).

Making the right selections about the projects they wish to support, however, is not a simple process for users. Retail investors are discouraged by the need to supervise hundreds of operations each month to manage several projects on the Cosmos ecosystem.

The Cosmos projects with the finest fusion of creativity, community, and performance are automatically presented to you using DFract.

The Lum Network founder Sarah-Diane Eck spoke today at Cøsmoverse during the main Cosmos event taking place in Medellin, Colombia.

Sarah-Diane Eck stated:

“The Cosmos ecosystem is a true gem composed by amazing builders. At Lum, we are hard working on its adoption with this new product with a simple interface and user experience.”

How does DFract work?  The first Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL) developed on Cosmos is the DFract protocol. It implies that the protocol and the people who own the protocol’s tokens are the owners of the treasury. The POL’s responsibility is to increase the treasury’s value so that all stakeholders may profit from it.

Users profit financially from the protocol’s infrastructure in addition to the diversity. In addition to this exposure, staking $DFR entitles users to a portion of the protocol’s earnings and qualifies them for Cosmos airdrops. A single token provides an investor with quick, low-cost access to the whole Cosmos ecosystem.

Cosmos Hub ($ATOM), Osmosis ($OSMO), Juno ($JUNO), Evmos ($EVMOS), Comdex ($CMDX), Lum Network ($LUM), Akash ($AKT), Sentinel ($DVPN), Crescent ($CRE), Ki ($XKI), Stargaze ($STARS) are the first projects to be included in DFract launch.

As the project expands, more will be added.

In line with the Cosmos ecosystem’s guiding principles, DFract will provide a network of nodes and promote decentralization in each chain it invests in. In order to take part in Cosmos’ well-functioning operating system, DFract will provide IBC relaying services.

Some of the top participants in the ecosystem, such as the Interchain Foundation and the validator Imperator, which runs 36 networks, have more than 48 million total staked assets, and more than 90 000 (2) consumers globally, already support DFract.



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