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Kingdom Labs & GGWP.ID Declared Strategic Partnership to Web3 Games

Kingdom Labs & GGWP.ID Declared Strategic Partnership to Web3 Games

With the announcement of their alliance, Kingdom Labs, a venture studio that incubates and invests in Web 3.0 projects, and GGWP.ID wants to propel Web3 games into the competitive esports scene in Southeast Asia. With over 6 million unique monthly visits, GGWP.ID is Indonesia’s most popular esports platform. There are competitions for titles like Dota 2, Apex Legends, and League of Legends held every day on the platform. The relationship between Kingdom Labs and GGWP.ID will begin off with the introduction of broadcasting and competitions for Kingdomverse and Purraria.

Web3 Games Into Esports Scene

Players may use their accounts to play a variety of mobile games, and then return their NFT stuff and characters to a central hub called Kingdomverse. The first is a lighthearted take on the Tower Defense genre called Defend the Kingdom. To combat waves of attackers, players build teams of five heroes known as “Legends” and engage in either competitive or cooperative play. Items may be used in the metaverse, and the game’s economy and characters have connections to the larger Kingdomverse gaming ecosystem.

Incubating a game-fi project named Purraria is a joint effort between GGWP.ID and Kingdom Labs. Purraria is bringing together Web2 gamers with Web3’s technical prowess to create Gamer’s Utopia, a secure environment where gamers can earn and support themselves doing what they love: playing games.

The goal of Purraria, an NFT-based PVP Tower Defense Battle, is to introduce elements of Play-for-Fun and esports to the Web3 platform. Joining and playing requires no upfront costs, letting players put all their cognitive resources into planning and executing a winning strategy against a human opponent in a 1v1 scenario. Purraria has a casual esports style, being both competitive and simple to pick up. Matches last no more than three minutes.

To help ease the transition from the Web 2.0 gaming experience to Web 3.0, GGWP.ID is presently developing Purraria with the help of Kingdom Labs. As a result of this agreement, Kingdom Labs and GGWP.ID will be able to work together on future projects, and the game’s Kingdomverse and Purraria universes will be able to form a long-term strategic alliance.

Both the Web2 and Web3 gaming sectors may take inspiration from this partnership, which proves the viability of combining a casual mobile-metaverse ecology with a deep gaming experience. GGWP.ID’s 6 million monthly visitors will be able to watch the gaming contest live on the site. Both parties want to continue supporting and promoting other competitive Web 3 games in the future, these are only the first two titles to be promoted on the GGWP.ID platform.



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