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Intel Brings New Blockchain Chip for NFTs & BTC

  • Intel announces a new blockchain chip hardware.
  • Specially focused towards blockchain for BTC mining and NFTs minting. 
  • New blockchain chip to be highly fast and energy efficient.

The entire crypto industry along with all it’s attributes are on the rise as a supreme empire. Though the crypto market ought to crash and be volatile, there would not be any halts for blockchain technology or any of it’s attributes like the Non Fungible Token (NFT), Decentralized Finance (DeFi), blockchain gaming, Metaverse and much more. 

With all such opportunities around the crypto and blockchain industry, it’s not a great deal or not news with the tech giant and renowned processor manufacturer, Intel to come up with it’s new chip hardware focused towards blockchain applications effortlessly and especially for Bitcoin (BTC) and NFT.

Intel’s New Blockchain Chip

Intel officially announces the launching of it’s new hardware chip focused only on blockchain processings. Moreover, they reveal that this blockchain chip is especially focused for BTC mining and NFT mintings effortlessly. 

Besides, this new blockchain chip from Intel is said to be extremely fast with all processings to be top notch. Apart from this, the team from Intel terms that the blockchain chip was designed with one major factor in mind, to be energy efficient along with speed at the same time. In such terms, this new blockchain chip from Intel would probably cut down mining prices of BTC.

Also, this new chip will not require sophisticated cooling systems and ought to become the leader in the chip market for mining and blockchain

Views of Intel’s Vice President

With the official announcement made by the Vice President of Intel’s Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group, Raja M. Koduri, is truly and  highly confident over their new product.  

In spite of this, Raja M. Koduri states that this launch by Intel will be a huge contributor and game changer for the entire blockchain ecosystem. Moreover, he also reveals their plans to introduce more ranges of even more energy efficient processors and chipsets over time. 

Also, the Vice President determines that they will be doing their best to improvise, promote, develop and secure the blockchain technology with high responsibilities accordingly. 



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