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How To Achieve A Stable Income During Difficult Times With Remote Work on Web3

Achieving a reliable and stable income stream has become harder over the past few decades. People face tremendous uncertainty in the finance department, whether it is due to devaluing fiat currencies or harsh overarching conditions. Solutions like HUMAN Protocol offer a glimpse of how things can change for those who need it most.

Financial Uncertainty Is A Growing Problem

Numerous reports document how people continue to struggle in the finance department. Things look leak ahead of the global pandemic, and COVID-19 has made things worse for many people. A report by ILO confirms how over 4 billion people still lack social protection due to them having a lower income. That is a very problematic statistic and one that has yet to improve in any way. 

Moreover, “richer” countries have begun their economic recoveries in recent months. A necessary trend, although the global GDP growth remains rather uneven. In addition, the “recovery” hurts those who lost income throughout 2021. More specifically, the poorest 20% of the world lost roughly 40% of their income due to the pandemic, whereas the wealthiest people barely lost anything. 

That said, the geopolitical tension will wreak havoc on people’s finances. As COVID restrictions are lessened, things would improve. But unfortunately, the Russia-Ukraine situation will affect many aspects of daily life worldwide. When one overarching threat diminishes, a new one arises, ensuring those already struggling cannot find a stable income. More specifically, they would not do so through traditional means.

Thankfully, there are alternative products, services, and projects to explore. For example, alternative finance or decentralized finance (DeFi) has opened the doors to access such products and services in the past two years. Although the industry is still in its infancy, things continue to improve. The distribution of global tasks becomes more straightforward with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

HUMAN Protocol Changes The Narrative

The purpose of HUMAN Protocol is to establish distributed marketplaces for global tasks. It is a necessary building block to ensure users can create these marketplaces, for settlement to occur and to automate every process. Any work can be listed or taken upon these marketplaces, ensuring people can tap into new revenue streams and monetize their skills and expertise without intermediaries.

The HUMAN Protocol evolved from hCaptcha, a popular data entry service used by tens of thousands of people. CAPTCHA services provide steady work and payment, although the HUMAN Protocol goes one step further by decentralizing job markets. In addition, its partnership applications – including with hCaptcha – make it one of the most-used blockchain-based solutions in the world. 

The appeal of HUMAN Protocol is how its job markets are accessible by anyone. Data entry, for example, does not require any specific skills or expertise. It is not the most stressful job either, as users can earn money by entering as little or much data as they want. However, it is an opportunity that will always be available, enabling users to tap into a stable income without having to sign up for anything or worrying about third parties taking a cut. So far, over 800,000 users have registered through the HUMAN App to complete these tasks.

Data entry is just the first frontier to tackle for the HUMAN Protocol team. Next, more tasks and task types will be added, including work related to Intel CVAT and INCEpTION. Eventually, the companion application will establish a metaverse of work, accessible by anyone and home to tasks personalized to every individual’s strengths. 


Achieving a steady income is essential but often very difficult for most people. One’s background, skills, and location can distinguish between access to high-paying jobs or struggling to make ends meet every day. In the decentralized world, those drawbacks do not exist, as everything is accessible to anyone at any moment. Moreover, it creates revenue streams that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Modern technology makes it easier to blur the lines between the virtual and real worlds. That will be a crucial catalyst to paving the way for global financial inclusion and equality. 



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