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GLEEC Bags Crypto Licenses in Estonia, Its Ninth Regulatory Approval

GLEEC, a cryptocurrency ecosystem that prioritizes trade, the metaverse, and the Gleec Racing game, has been operational for a year and has already secured nine regulatory licenses in eight different countries spanning the Middle East, Latin America, and Europe. The ecosystem will be able to establish the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and financial infrastructure in several countries thanks to the regulatory licenses.

The most recent regulatory approvals, the team said in a statement, reflect the group’s dedication to regulatory compliance at the highest levels, with global financial compliance as the ultimate goal. Dubai, El Salvador, Poland, Lithuania, and Slovakia issued five of the nine licenses specifically for crypto services.

Additionally, GLEEC has secured cross-border transaction licenses from Lithuania and Estonia, in addition to a Canadian MSB license and a Ukrainian EMI license for banking. Daniel Dimitrov, CEO and Founder of GLEEC, said that the licenses are a “directive to offer a growing local crypto ecosystem” and “a balanced regulatory framework” for their customers.

“The company is constantly to attain global regulatory approval,” he added. “We aim to create a crypto ecosystem with a balanced regulatory framework.” 

To better serve its customers, the firm may now hold Bitcoin (BTC), provide BTC wallets, process crypto payments, serve as a digital asset exchange, and provide other services inside the Bitcoin ecosystem thanks to its El Salvador license.

In addition, GLEEC’s MSB license in Canada enables it to engage in currency exchange, money transfer, money order issuance and redemption, and virtual currency trading.

In essence, the licenses granted in Dubai (UAE) are entirely devoted to cryptocurrency asset trading. In an effort to become the region’s innovation and financial center, the city has issued a license that is attracting users, particularly crypto firms and holders.

These authorizations put the firm on a regulatory course necessary to win over customers in the currently unreliable crypto market. The corporation went through a rigorous process with the financial authorities in every nation before they finally issued the license.



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