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Genies Metaverse Adds Disney CEO Onboard

  • Former Disney CEO, joins Genies Metaverse platform.
  • On board along with the Directors of Genies, as Advisor.
  • Both optimistic upon joining together, towards the developments of Genies.

Metaverse is truly, indeed, the future from now on. With so much confidence and grace upon the Metaverse, even big shots and tech giants are all into the process of making their own Metaverse or working on indulging in one. 

Apart from all this, denoting and estimating the true potential of the Metaverse and its industry, even CEOs are jumping from their current establishments to Metaverse firms instead. 

Accordingly, one such CEO is the former CEO of Disney, Bob Iger. Bob Iger, has a long history with the Walt Disney Pictures and has served as the CEO for about 15 years. In spite of all this, though he has stepped out of Disney in 2020, now he has joined with the Metaverse Platform, Genies. 

Bob Iger and Genies

With the above as the hot topic, Bob Iger took to Twitter, with a tweet, announcing himself officially as Director’s board member and Advisor.  In spite of this, he also tweets that he’s extremely excited about working along with Genies. 

In addition, he points out the epicness of Genies with respect to the developments oriented with Web3 and Web3 mobile applications too. Besides, the Genies actually is a digital 3D image rendering platform for creating different specific Metaverse characters and Non-Fungible Token (NFT). The Genies platform works on the Flow (FLOW) blockchain ecosystem. 

Apart from all this, the Genies platform also expands into NFT collectibles and blockchain-based games too. 

Being launched in the year 2016, the Genies has so far gathered funding of over $100 million along with another $65 million through Miami Group, in the year 2021. 

Indeed, as Bob Iger looks eager as ever and terms he’s in the process of learning a lot through the Genies about the Metaverse. However, Genies will truly be benefited from gaining advisory aid from a well-distinguished businessman like Bob Iger.



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