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Etherscan Launched “Blockscan Chat”- An Instant Messenger App on Ethereum

  • Etherscan creates an innovative project, “Blockscan Chat” on Ethereum. 
  • The App offers a wallet-to-wallet instant messaging service on Ethereum.  
  • Users are engaging, sending and receiving messages around the world. 

Etherscan the leading Blockchain Explorer, search, API and Analytics platform supports Ethereum network. Surprisingly, the Etherscan team launched an instant Ethereum messaging app, “Blockscan Chat”. Further, the app works as the  Beta version of an ETH-based wallet-to-wallet instantly messaging service for the users.

In addition, this innovative application on Ethereum attracts a large number of users as the platform works in a user-friendly way. More so, the messaging service is at a comfort state for all Ethereum wallet holders like MetaMask. Through this, some crypto users are very eager to experience the unique service named, “Ethereum Instant Messenger.”

Ethereum’s Blockscan Chat

Moreover, the Blockscan app is built with some prominent features which will support the users to a large extent. Some of the features are, it works with Instant Chats, with wallet to wallet quick chats with ETH compatible addresses. Following, it accepts Multi- device login where users can access their messages across multiple systems.

Further, it helps the users to block the spam addresses restricting unknown messages. And the notifications settings, which notifies the users when they receive a message on their wallet address. However, these four functions of Blockscan app will raise the user database massively. 

Additionally, the creators of Etherscan explains its new service elegantly saying, the Blockscan Chat will act as a messaging platform for ETH users. Where it helps them to communicate with each other instantly and wallet-to-wallet. Interestingly, the application is empowered by Web3 Logins which serves safe and secure authentications. 

Thus, the new service on Ethereum platform surprises a lot of users as such a new tool is supportive for spammers. Along with a safe service of blocking features which enables the users to block the spam contents. 

In regards to the launch, the Blockscan community proposed an awareness statement saying, 

“Please keep your personal information, passwords, private keys or seed phrases confidentially. Make sure you keep an eye and be careful while receiving external links or online forms.”



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