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ETH Manages to Stay Steady, New Bulls on the Way!

  • ETH manages steady surges for nearly a week.
  • Co-founder of EthHub, Eric determines ETH to be appreciated .
  • New bulls all on the way for ETH.

There never goes a day without checking the Ethereum (ETH) standings for anyone in the crypto industry. Next to Bitcoin (BTC), ETH holds the major market cap. The recent market crash which occurred upon the first week of January, 2022, however has now ended a few days back. Upon this more than BTC, ETH was the worst affected indeed. 

Surprisingly, the entire market flung back to action a few days back. And so did ETH, which is consistently maintaining a gradual pace suring up for almost nearly a week by now. 

EthHub Co-founder Tweet

In spite of ETH current performance, the vivid ETH fanboy of all times, being the Co-founder of EthHub, Eric takes to Twitter, putting up a tweet upon his views. According to the tweet, Eric terms that ETH has been seriously performing well for the past few days and almost a week. 

Significantly, Eric terms that despite all the negative aurora around ETH since the start of the year, ETH has however been promisingly performing well. In spite of this, he terms that ETH is not being appreciated for all this and it truly deserves more appreciation. True to the fact, ETH is still not into the Proof-of-Stake consensus (PoS), and even without it, ETH is currently performing at a remarkable rate, states Eric. 

The EthHub is actually an encyclopedia dedicated solely for ETH alone. They research, analyze, gather all sorts of information, updates and much more, entirely revolving around ETH alone, being deployed out through podcasts, newsletters, open source documents and much more. 

ETH Bull Signs 

Accordingly, ETH is expected to hit bulls throughout without a pause. With the new week on start, ETH is expected to rise up creatively. Also, if it supasses the target of $3,600, then it will be ending at $4,000 for sure in the coming week. 

Currently ETH is being traded at price of $3,335.61, with a surge in the graphs up for about 0.62% for the past 24 hours into consideration.



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