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Egypt Government Enlarges CargoX Blockchain Contract

  • The Egyptian government expands its contract with CargoX blockchain services.
  • All sorts of documentation transfers take place profusely through CargoX. 
  • CargoX assures extensive document transactions of more than 12K per day.

There’s no doubt that the past few years along with the current distinguish the blockchain era of the Earth. The past few years, with the upcoming blockchain technology, has indeed played an unimaginable role, not only with the crypto industry, but instead with all the fields and sectors applicable in the current world. 

Currently, there’s no sector that could determine evidently that they do not need the help of the blockchain technology. In other aspects, almost all fields, industries, tech firms, production and much more are currently adopting blockchain technology into them. True to the fact, blockchain has now become a vital backbone for any industry or firm or an organization to visualize a future road ahead for them. 

In such situations, though most of the governments around the world are indeed against crypto and the Bitcoin (BTC), on the other hand they have started to indulge in the adoption of blockchain technology wherever possible. Accordingly, the Egyptian government has been working through certain document transfers through the CargoX, blockchain services form, dedicated towards document transfers. 

The Contract

The CargoX is actually a blockchain services provider dedicated specifically towards all sorts of document transfers and documentation. The CargoX is actually based in Brazil, but extends its service universally. Besides, the CargoX works upon the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

In spite of all this, the Egyptian government has signed a contract with the CargoX, last year inorder to establish profuse document transfers all related to ports transactions based on the NAFEZA platform. The CargoX uses their Blockchain Document Transfer (BDT), a specialized attribute for the document transfer for the government contract of Egypt. 

Eversince the CargoX came into action for the government of Egypt, the complete process has been highly accredited with perfection for speed upon the transfers. In addition, the CargoX supports about more than 65 types of documents including contracts, letters, certificates, credit donations etc. 

In spite of all this, the Egyptian Government has now extended its contract with CargoX, profusely. 



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