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AllianceBlock Fundrs’ decentralized fundraising and compliance tools will be used by the dua Foundation via their officially launched Private Sale. The sale began on November 23rd at 17:00 CET and will end on December 14th at 17:00 CET.

Peer-to-peer fundraising platform Fundrs was introduced by AllianceBlock in August on the Avalanche and Ethereum Mainnet networks. AllianceBlock spent years developing Fundrs, starting with a concept of a fully-decentralized peer-to-peer fundraising network based on reputation and merit that would allow a decentralized participatory economy in 2018. Fundrs makes use of a decentralized infrastructure to enable traditional startups and blockchain-based projects, referred to as “Seekers,” to receive funding from the platform’s users, referred to as “Funders,” as well as give access to other forms of financing available later in the investment cycle, such as convertible loans, peer-to-peer lending, and more. The first formal capital-raising round kicks off the Fundrs platform’s operation.

Users may get started by visiting the Seeker listing on Fundrs and following this step-by-step tutorial if they wish to participate in the token sale. The dua Foundation is the first initiative to raise funds on Fundrs, and the new economic system centered on geographically dispersed communities is supported by the utility token DUA.

Dua AG, a firm located in Switzerland, says it will tokenize its 5 million+ members using cryptocurrencies and decentralized technology after raising USD 4 million in a Series A financing. The dua Foundation, a Dutch non-profit and a partner of dua AG, has released a whitepaper describing strategies for promoting the DUA Token and Web3 to geographically dispersed communities through the apps and

The ecosystem of applications ( and that connect individuals looking for partnerships based on shared characteristics, such as values, education, religion, origin, and language will be powered by the DUA utility token. A reward system based on in-app actions and user reputation is created by the tokenized experience, enabling end users to take part in and profit from a more equitable economy. Businesses may use the DUA token to market their goods and services to dua’s user base as well as to pay for in-app subscriptions.

Chief Payments Officer at, Ardit Trikshiqi:

“The launch of the DUA token is an innovation for the matchmaking industry. DUA will enable 5 million users of and to engage in a participative virtual economy that offers a wide range of services and is growing exponentially every day and millions of individuals and businesses, part of globally fragmented communities that are not being supported by traditional financial providers such as banks or money transfer operators.”

Communities without access to conventional financial services will have an easy method to use and engage in DeFi services within the applications thanks to the DUA-powered ecosystem. For millions of previously underserved people, an integrated wallet will open the door to on-chain remittances, payments, and borrowing options.

By fostering fairness, transparency, and participation in the economy, Fundrs promotes reputation and merit.

Users now have a transparent, equitable, and equal chance to engage in the early phases of a project’s life cycle thanks to the dua fundraising round. Traditionally, venture capitalists, investment companies, and high-net-worth people have exclusive access to fundraising rounds, making them unavailable to larger participation.

By developing an end-to-end development platform for blockchain builders and users, AllianceBlock has facilitated a smooth transition between centralized and decentralized finance. The Fundrs platform is a crucial entrance point for capital raising, and AllianceBlock’s solutions address many demands throughout the course of a blockchain firm. In addition, complementary compliance solutions allow capital providers to participate in the blockchain industry in a compliant manner. This is crucial given the growing regulatory and compliance issues in the industry. The whole solution set develops a new start-up-as-a-service business model that allows capital providers to play a crucial role in every stage of a project’s lifetime, including its planning, financing, marketing, and management. The first initiative to make use of that idea on the Fundrs platform is dua.



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