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Dogecoin (DOGE) Price Soars up Following Google Supports

  • Dogecoin (DOGE) price surged by more than 3.51% in the last 24 hours. 
  • Google cloud service accepts Dogecoin as payment.

Following Elon Musk’s release of his brand new perfume, “Burnt Hair,” Musk’s favorite Dogecoin (DOGE) started to trend after bouncing back today. At the time of writing, DOGE traded at $0.0604 with a price increase of over 3.51% in the last 24 hours.

Price chart of Dogecoin (DOGE) (Source: CoinMarketCap)

Users can use Dogecoin (DOGE) along with fiat currency to buy the latest Burnt Hair perfume on Elon Musk’s Boring Company website. Thousands of perfume bottles were sold for millions of dollars in a few hours and the perfume cost $100.

Dogecoin (DOGE) Will Back on Track?

Once again, the token’s value increased due to Musk’s most recent interaction with it. Dogecoin price has risen by approximately 2% in the previous month, and DOGE holds a total market cap of more than 8 billion.

Whenever Elon Musk interacts with Dogecoin, its value increases. As it, Musk’s Twitter acquisition announcement triggered DOGE to rise by 33%, reaching $0.15. Also, Elon Musk had confirmed that he would invest some of his wealth in it over the years.

Furthermore, Dogecoin traded around $0.06099 with a price surge of around 4% in the early morning. Also, during the market volatility, GOGE traded better, with the highest price of $0.08772, in August, as per CoinMarketCap.

More recently, Google confirmed its support for cryptocurrency. And it has started accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Ape Coin, and other cryptocurrencies as payment methods for its cloud service. Google cloud service support may enhance the value and cryptocurrency adoption.

Moreover, the global cryptocurrency market is witnessing some gains in the price chart. According to CoinMarketCap, the total crypto market cap is $941.55B, which surged by 3.28% the previous day.

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