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DCENTRAL Miami- Worlds Largest Web3 Conference All Set For 2022 Edition

The 2022 edition of DCENTRAL Miami will include a stellar speaker lineup, a Fashion & Culture track, a “Day of DAOs,” the Women’s Lounge at the Minerva Circle, and its diversity initiatives, as well as a uniquely immersive experience.

Last year’s event was the first and biggest joint Web3 conference ever, drawing more than 5,000 Web3 aficionados to Miami. Despite the state of the market, the organizers went all out to surpass that this year and secured a venue with double the capacity, allowing for even more attendance.

The second iteration of DCENTRAL Miami will take place on November 28 and 29, 2022, and it will feature a stellar speaker lineup that includes the legendary producer, rapper, and songwriter Timbaland, the Grammy Award-winning singer Miguel, the UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping, the former Buccaneers and Raiders defensive tackle Warren Sapp, and two-time NBA All-Star Baron Davis. Romeo Lacoste, the “Tattoo God in LA,” YouTuber Ben “Bitboy” Armstrong, and professional wrestler PJ Black will also be appearing.

DCENTRAL Miami this year debuts a Fashion & Culture track together with the Fashion DAO and Jing Meta. The brand-new, all-day event expands upon the last year’s edition when DCENTRAL established the first dedicated digital fashion section in the world at a Web3 conference. The 10 talks and panels on November 29 address the most recent developments in digital and metaverse culture, fashion, and trends.

On November 28, DCENTRAL and DAO Planet will jointly host the DAO Summit for the first time, dubbed a “Day of DAOs.” A wide variety of protocol governance-related topics, including public goods financing, legal issues, and organizational structures, are covered in the presentations of more than six and a half hours of presentations.

Additionally, DCENTRAL Miami is pleased to have over 130 notable female speakers who will share their experience in Web3 across all of the stages and workshop spaces with the assistance of AllStarsWomen DAO. With assistance from Mythic Games, Minerva’s Circle, DCENTRAL’s new diversity programme, is holding a Women’s Lounge with a full schedule of sessions taught only by women on diversity, inclusion, and empowering the underprivileged.

Visitors are welcomed by a 20-foot LED entrance cube as they enter the James L. Knight Center in downtown Miami, but the centerpiece of the DCENTRAL Miami experience is a fantastical immersive room with three completely screened walls that explores the nexus of art, fashion, technology, and culture via immersive experiences, collaborative commissions, NFT drops, living labs, and participatory design.

In collaboration with NFT frame firm MetaSill, DCENTRAL’s NFT Gallery adds even more surrealism to the conference and will display pieces of digital art that push the limits and influence Web3 culture.

Last but not least, the main stage presentations from the diverse group of guests, including native Web3 projects, traditional finance, venture investing, influencers, and other niches, will be live-streamed on Binance Live, CoinMarketCap, and Dextools.



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