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David Holtzman, Architect of the DNS System, Joins Naoris Protocol

Writer, technologist, and early Internet adopter David H. Holtzman has joined Naoris Protocol as an adviser. Naoris Protocol, which aims to transform the way cyber security is mitigated by using a system called CyberMesh, will have Holtzman’s backing in areas like marketing, technology, and strategy.

Internet as we know it today would not exist without Holtzman’s early contributions to the technology that comprises it. As Network Solutions’ chief technology officer in the late ’90s, he oversaw operations of the DNS and the ‘Dot’ root server, which are essential components of the Internet’s naming infrastructure. The number of unique domain names registered on the internet increased exponentially under his reign, from over five million to over twenty million.

Holtzman’s previous positions include Chief Scientist at IBM and leading a sizable research team at Booz-Allen & Hamilton before Networks Solutions. He served as Chief Technology Officer for Senator Evan Bayh’s campaign and as a top cybersecurity expert for General Wesley Clarke. Within the blockchain industry, he has served as a consultant, adviser, or director for the last six years.

Before joining the NSA as an analyst of Soviet cosmonauts, Holtzman was a Russian cryptographer stationed on submarines for the US Naval Security Group.

Holtzman commented:

“Naoris Protocol has the right ideas. In my many decades of experience working with disruptive innovators, I’ve come to the conclusion that a company’s most valuable differentiator is the strength of its underlying foundational principles and values. Naoris Protocol has started from a good place and their technology directly aligns with their beliefs. The value of networked decentralization cannot be overemphasized and their novel approach of applying that to security validation is an important one that is likely to be a real game changer.”

Instead of relying on government law to guarantee citizens’ privacy, Holtzman insists that people should rely on personal cryptography to do so. He authored “Privacy Lost: How Technology is Endangering Your Privacy,” an exposé that provided an insider’s look at the world of intrusive technology, its users, and the threats they pose to individual privacy.

David Carvalho, CEO, and Founder of Naoris Protocol said:

“We are so incredibly blessed to be working with David Holtzman as an advisor to the project, we wouldn’t have the internet as we know it today without him and we`re humbled to be splicing together new and highly impactful use cases and ideas with David. This is an exciting, and critical time for Naoris Protocol as we strive to bring the best and most visionary from Web2 and Web3 together to scale our Decentralized CyberSecurity Mesh approach. Having David Holtzman on board, with his incredible knowledge and world changing experience makes us feel great about the future of all things digital.”

Naoris Protocol, backed by Holtzman, seeks to distribute the cybersecurity practices of current businesses, governments, Web3 initiatives, and more. The inefficiencies and weaknesses of outdated centralized systems pose a danger to global stability as the globe moves to the new Web3 paradigms of DeFi and borderless cryptocurrencies. Holtzman, as a symbol of a more radical era of internet culture, serves as an excellent model for Naoris Protocol to follow.



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