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Crypto Investigator ZachXBT Exposes French NFT Theft

Crypto Investigator ZachXBT Exposes French NFT Theft
  • The two crooks that the crypto spy has identified and named as Mathys and Camile.
  • Among other hints, ZachXBT was able to use the Twitter accounts @Rxktv and @mtsgtb

The culprits of an NFT hacking scam that offered to animate NFTs including Bored Apes, Azuki, Sudoswap, and Doodles have been identified by cryptocurrency investigator ZachXBT. The two ruthless crooks are thought to have repeated their scam multiple times since December 2021, earning over $2.5M in profits.

Since late last year, ZachXBT has been leading an investigation into the theft of numerous NFTs, which has allowed him to identify two young guys who reside in Paris. The crypto spy identified the two as Mathys and Camile but did not give their surnames.

The end of the ZachXBT inquiry represents the culmination of extensive investigative work, which also involved studying photographic evidence and doing on-chain analysis. While the two thieves seem to have been skilled at gaining their victims’ faith, they were much less effective in hiding their locations.

ZachXBT was able to use their Twitter accounts @Rxktv and @mtsgtb among the various hints. Both accounts were removed from public view shortly after ZachXBT’s findings were publicly disclosed.

ZachXBT continued, “Hopefully shortly we will see some type of legal action done against Mathys and Camille for the financial harm they have caused to so many people,” after wrapping up his inquiry. A response on social media indicates that some type of action is possible.



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