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Coca-Cola has launched a brand-new collection of NFTs

  • On the eve of International Friendship Day, Coca-Cola partnered with Polygon Blockchain to release new NFTs.
  • Coca-Cola joined the Metaverse in 2021, and now in 2022, they have new themed NFTs.

Coca-Cola launched new NFTs collections on August 8 on the eve of International Friendship Day 2022 built on the Polygon Blockchain which is an Ethereum scaling solution that was recently named among the six companies selected for the 2022 Disney Accelerator program. And NFTs were created by Tafi, a digital avatar company.

Coca-Cola’s New NFTs

Even though this is not Coca-Cola’s first NFT collection, they hope to increase fan loyalty by airdropping the new collection to anyone who has already received one of their prior NFT drops, with a special addition for International Friendship Day.

The new NFTs are scheduled to be airdropped or sent to the wallets of all Coca-Cola NFT holders on July 30 for free, and the recipient would also share the second collectible with their friend, building “the brand community of the fans in the open blockchain.” The new NFTs are designed after the “bubble inside the bottle” and also “themes of connection and unity.”

Thakar Head of Global Creative Strategy, Coca-Cola added

“International Friendship Day—which launched our metaverse journey in 2021—is the perfect milestone opportunity to thank and celebrate the people who have joined us. We hope to strengthen and expand our ‘Real Magic’ community by building connections through a variety of physical and virtual Coca-Cola experiences.”

Additionally, recent NFT collections have included a “loot box” sale to support the International Special Olympics, International pride day, and International Burger day.

In addition, Thakar stated that they will continue to learn about this fast-moving industry through the release of limited-edition collectibles that were associated with significant cultural trends, with an emphasis on constructing our virtual environment by surprising and delighting fans.

The Coca-Cola Company entered the metaverse in 2021 for Friendship Day, and in 2022 they developed a new theme centered on NFTs.

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