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Charles Hoskinson Joined DC Fintech Week

  • Cardano NFT trading volume increased by over 80%.
  • The number of wallets holding NFTs has doubled this year, reaching $6 million.

Charles Hoskinson, Cardano (ADA) founder, formally known as co-founder of the blockchain company Input Output Global (IOHK), participated in a recent DC Fintech week and shared his views on Blockchain technology. And Cardano’s NFT trading volume has surged by more than 80% in the last day.

In the Fintech week, Charles Hoskinson stated that;

The magic of blockchain technology is that it forces you, if you design it the right way, to pay attention to values much like constitutions, force, and nation-states.

Moreover, Hoskinson said that the goal of blockchain technology is to constrain future users and developers to accept that the system will have actors who will try to manipulate it and undermine it for their own personal interests, whether that involves violating users’ privacy or creating more money out of thin air like central banks do.

How are the Cardano NFTs Performing?

Many NFT traders are rushing to switch Solana to Cardano as a platform that is currently more active for flipping NFT products, as per the huge number of tweets from the NFT traders. Such strong statement claims appear to be the result of an increase in Cardano NFT activity.

According to OpenCNF, Cardano’s NFT trading volume has surged by 80% in the last day. At the same time, the number of trades increased by 46.36%, and the number of NFTs sold by 48.16%. Additionally, in the previous 24 hours, the values of the top 12 CNFT collections increased by at least 100% to 2,000%.

Furthermore, At the time of writing, Cardano NFT has 24 hours of the volume of $3.4 million with an increase of more than 80% and has a total trading volume of $492 million. In terms of the overall NFT market, Delphi Digital’s analysis reveals that there are now $6 million in non-fungible token wallets, which is doubled from last year.

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