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BitBase Intends to Expand Over Latin America

  • BitBase plans to install 200 cryptocurrency ATMs in Spain by 2023.
  • BitBase intends to enter the metaverse and Web3 space.

BitBase Spanish cryptocurrency ATM company with offices all around the world which has 100 crypto ATMs in Spain intends to expand services in 2023, with funding provided by Dextools and Woonkly, two web3 decentralized firms. The business intends to deploy 200 crypto ATMs in Spain while also pursuing a license to begin operations in countries such as Italy, England, Germany, and the Netherlands, as well as in Latam-American countries such as Venezuela.

Expanding Crypto ATM Services    

The investment from the two decentralized web3 firms contributes to the market’s sustained expansion. Dextools, which provides a set of tools for token management in decentralized exchanges, purchased 22% of Bitbase, while Woonkly, another decentralized exchange, and NFT marketplace, now owns 5% of the firm. 

Bitbase intends to enter the metaverse and Web3 space with this investment, leveraging the knowledge and structures of these two organizations. The company, which presently has 30 physical locations, has a business strategy that explains how to transact with cryptocurrency to users, assisting them in entering the cryptocurrency world.

In a press statement, they stated that they were present, focused on European nations to extend their business and construct crypto offices and ATMs and that they were aiming to expand the firm while waiting for the license.

Cristian Bono, CCO of Bitbase, stated that 

“We are also going to open one or several stores in each of these European countries, duplicating the business model that we have done here in Spain and positioning ourselves as the largest exchange with physical stores.”

In July, they launched an office in Paraguay as part of their growth. In addition, the corporation is interested in Latam.

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