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Bill Murray’s Crypto Is Hacked After $185K NFT Charity Auction

Bill Murray’s Crypto Is Hacked After $185K NFT Charity Auction
  • Gavin Gills, a co-owner of Venkman, stated to see an anonymous initial transfer of $108.3 WETH.
  • Nearly 110 Wrapped Ethereum (WETH), worth about $174,000 at the time of the attack.

On early Thursday The Ethereum wallet of Hollywood actor Bill Murray’s stolen after closing the NFTs auction and raising funds for the charity. The NFTs cost around 119.2 ETH ( around $185,000) and the hackers drained the funds from Murray’s wallet at around 7.00 PM according to the on-chain data. From Etherscan and details from Murray’s team.

The Hack in Brief

All high-profile personalities and well-known celebrities are currently dealing with the issue of thieves and hackers since hacking has become a trend. And in the case of Murray, despite having a wallet security team, he still exposed to a breach, and the team was able to prevent the problem from getting any worse.

The actor’s luxury JPEGs shifted to two safehouse wallets, along with a Damien Hirst NFT, two CryptoPunks, a Pudgy Penguin, a Cool Cat, and several Flower Girls in order to protect the actor’s NFTs. Murray’s wallet security team from NFT consultancy Project Venkman took the action.

The Ethereum Wallet and NFTs linked during the hack.  Approximately 110 Wrapped Ethereum (WETH), valued at around $174,000 at the time of the hack, taken from the wallet.

The transactions in which WETH stolen initially detected by Gavin Gills, co-owner of blockchain startup Venkman, who noticed that 108.03 WETH (about $171,500) was transferred from wallets without authorization. This followed by another transaction for WETH (about $2,750).

Gavin Gills also stated that 

“We engaged in Chainalysis within 10 minutes of learning of the attack last night. They’ll have a bigger report on that, and they’re still investigating all of the threads.”

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