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Astar Network Sets World Record With Its Nikkei Ad Backed By 329 Japanese Firms

When the leading Japanese companies came together to usher in the era of Web3, the smart contracts platform Astar Network was able to run a national newspaper ad with the most brands in a single ad, setting a new global record. On September 26th, Nikkei published an ad for which 329 blue-chip firms collaborated.

The Japanese Blockchain Association has chosen Astar Network as the most popular blockchain in Japan. Formerly, Japan was a hub for the crypto industry. Astar is leading the charge to make the nation a forerunner in blockchain technology once again. Japan, the world’s third-biggest economy, went through its fair share of growing pains before settling on Astar Network as its preferred blockchain.

The Japanese government now includes Web3 in its overall national policy, and Astar Network CEO Sota Watanabe is guiding the government and many major Japanese corporations ahead in Web3. To prove its dedication, Astar aired this ad with the support of 329 other companies. If implemented properly, Web3 might have a significant impact on the national economy. Large financial institutions and well-known corporations like GMO, DeNA, Accenture, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and others support the plan because they want to see Japan succeed.

Sota Watanabe, founder and CEO of Astar Network said:

“Web3 is all about community. And we are proud that we could make this epoch-making ad supported by 329 companies including the biggest banks, reputable Internet companies and branch officers of a foreign companies like Microsoft and Accenture. This ad reflects the strong unity of the Japanese ecosystem. As Japan’s leading blockchain project, we will do our best to accelerate Web3 innovation through Astar.”

As part of the promotional effort, NFTs will be given out for free via QR codes. Those interested in receiving a non-transferable NFT may do so by scanning the QR code located in the ad’s bottom right corner of the Nikkei newspaper. If a user does not have a wallet address, the QR code will create one for them.

Astar Network facilitates the development of decentralized applications (dApps) utilizing EVM and WASM smart contracts with cross-consensus messaging (XCM) and a Build2Earn model that allows programmers to earn money through a dApp staking mechanism for their work. In addition, the network’s Polkadot and Kusama development teams may make use of Astar Space Labs’ Incubation Hub for top TVL dApps.



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