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Alchemy and Astar Network Join Forces to Speed Up Polkadot Web3 Development

Developers on Polkadot will be able to make use of Alchemy’s best-in-class APIs. In order to speed up Polkadot development, the blockchain developer platform Alchemy has teamed up with the innovation center Astar Network. Due to the shift, developers will be able to construct dApps on Astar Network, Polkadot’s primary parachain. Because of the cooperation, Alchemy’s APIs may be used to construct complex applications that previously couldn’t be used on Polkadot.

Sota Watanabe, the founder, and CEO of Astar Network said:

“Our partnership will give the resources required to expand the web3 builder community on Astar, Polkadot and beyond.”

For enhanced monitoring and analytics, the alliance will employ Alchemy Supernode as a parachain connecting Polkadot to all main Level 1 blockchains, which is the most extensively used web3 API. Additionally, Astar’s #Build2Earn program will be used as part of the partnership. Staking tokens on one’s favorite DApp means web3 developers may earn a basic income via Astar Network, which is the only Polkadot parachain that allows this.

Rob Boyle, Head of Product at Alchemy, said:

“Alchemy infrastructure makes it easier for developers to build any dApp with infinite scalability, accuracy and reliability. We’re thrilled to combine forces with Astar to foster an era of better web3 building that will power the decentralized applications of tomorrow.”

Polkadot’s ecosystem is thriving, with the Web3 Foundation recently reporting that its grants program has sponsored over 400 initiatives. Among them, 181 teams have finished at least one project, and 300 have successfully achieved their maiden milestone. User interface development, tooling, cryptography, smart contracts, and APIs are some initiatives funded by the Polkadot-centric Web3 Foundation.

The platform for web3 developers developed by Alchemy includes several tools to assist builders and educational resources for communities, such as the Road to Web3 and Web3 University. EVM and WASM smart contracts may be used to construct dApps on Astar, allowing developers to give their users real interoperability and cross-consensus messaging (XCM).



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